Eat Local Kobe: Farm to Fork


Eat Local Kobe: Farm to Fork

Part of good nutrition is to keep it local. It is good for you and good for your community.

Previously we have talked about Nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle is supported by quality foods. Knowing where your food is coming from is important to ensure quality. What's in it? What did it eat? Where did it come from? These are all good questions because, as the saying goes, you are what you eat!

This saturday, November 5th in Kobe from morning to evening there is a great event called “Farm to Fork” being promoted by Eat Local Kobe.

They will have a Farmers Market, Workshops about food, Four Kobe Chefs preparing a “Farm to Fork Lunch,” Talks on Farming, Live Performances, Theater, and Evening Picnic and much more!

So if you are interested in talking and learning more about food from farmers and other people that share these interests, be sure to stop by and have a wonderful time.

We'll be there hanging out so we hope to see you there!